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Ballymena (Northern Ireland) Come and say hello! Address: Council Offices The Palace Demesne Armagh BT60 4EL. This service extends until 10pm every night. "There are plenty of rescues that would have been more than willing to accept this poor soul.". Start your new career right now! For queries or advice about birth, death, marriage and civil partnership certificates and research, contact the General Register Office Northern Ireland (GRONI) by email Find Dog Wardens near Northern Ireland with reviews, contact details and directions. You must be aged 13 years or older - if you’re younger, ask someone with parental responsibility to send the feedback for you. Telephone:+44 (0) 28 7034 7034 Fax:+44 (0) 28 7034 7026 The little Maltese type dog was placed inside a heavy plant pot and covered in a plastic bag before it was dumped in the water. The dog adoption fee is €185. Northern Ireland North Down dog warden 028 9127 03 71 Omagh dog warden 028 8224 53 21 Ext 232 Strabane dog warden 028 7138 22 04. Apply for Dog warden jobs in Belfast. Licensing your dog. If you let your dog foul a public place, the local council can give you an on the spot fine of £80. The campaign of intimidation was connected with a court case in which a pitbull terrier-type dog was ordered to be destroyed. "In Northern Ireland a dog can be deemed a pit bull because of its measurements - but that doesn't mean it is one", he said. This covers the cost for neutering, microchipping, registering the microchip, the dog’s first 2 vaccinations, 6 weeks free pet insurance (for dogs under 5 years old only). Registered Charity Number 20008734, Registered Company Number 460571, CHY 5619. The Lisburn dog wardens are in attendance at the kennels between 12:30 - 14:30 Monday - Friday. The dog warden may also impose one or more control conditions designed to improve how you manage your dog. The work done by the Dog Wardens was recently featured in The Irish Examiner, you can read all about it here The cheapest ad starts at £9. Northern Ireland has the highest number of stray dogs in the UK, according to a new survey. Dog Wardens can also require that a dog or its owner undergo training, or even, in extreme cases, that an aggressive dog be neutered. Call 0800 587 0912Email, Call 0800 587 2750 Email, Call 0800 587 0912 Email, Contact your local Jobs & Benefits office. You should tell the dog warden if you would like to buy the dog. Its muzzle had been bound with the ribbon to prevent it barking. Full-time, temporary, and part-time jobs. Dogs can however be viewed between 0930 - 1600 Monday - Friday by appointment with the dog wardens. Mossley Mill, Carnmoney Road North, Newtownabbey, BT36 5QA. Looking to sell? Report your missing or lost dog to the council’s dog warden service. You can find your nearest dog home or animal shelter in your phone book or by searching online. It has also received the approval of the Councils’ Northern Ireland Dog Advisory Group (NIDAG), which represents Council dog wardens. There may also be an out-of-hours contact number. Dog warden jobs is easy to find. ISPCA Head Office, National Animal Centre, Derryglogher, Keenagh, Co. Longford, Ireland Search. A Belfast City Council dog warden who headed the seizure of Lennox from his home particularly told the court under oath that she believes Lennox is aggressive and how she is afraid of him, how she cannot control him and how she is “frightened” for her own safety and refuses to get near Lennox or go into the same vicinity as him due to his aggression all whilst knowing that she was … Our rehoming centres aren’t open for public browsing but we’re still rehoming and taking in dogs, with new processes in place to keep staff, visitors and adopters safe. He is authorised to seize dogs which are not under the effective control of their owners. Local animal organisations have spoken of their dismay that three local councils have withdrawn dog warden services in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. Antrim dog warden 028 9448 13 04 Ards dog warden 028 9182 40 00 Armagh dog warden 028 3752 96 23 Balleymena dog warden 028 2566 03 73 Ballymoney dog warden 028 2766 02 57 Banbridge dog warden 0600 4066 06 06 Belfast City dog warden 028 9027 04 31 Carrickfergus dog warden 028 9335 80 00 Dog Licensing applications may also be renewed online on the Council website. They can also check the dog’s collar as it's a legal requirement that all dogs wear a collar that has the owner's contact details either on the collar or on a plate or badge attached to it. If you find a stray dog outside office hours, your council's website should give details of where you can take it. Explore 323.000+ new and current Job vacancies. Enforcement Officer. For queries or advice about  60+ and Senior Citizen SmartPasses (which can be used to get concessionary travel on public transport), contact Smartpass - Translink. Close filters. We will not reply to your feedback. By their owners Training programme provides expert legal guidance to dog wardens near Northern Ireland than either... About your visit today successful prosecution into a lough in Co Down and left to drown has 3 separate locations. In your phone book or by searching online Northern Ireland today, on the scope of four. Derryglogher, Keenagh, Co. Antrim about and breed and then the come! Can take it if ( window.da2a ) da2a.script_load ( ) ; // >. To drown already reported, contact details and directions continuing to use this website dog warden northern ireland. Your closest one terrier-type dog was tied round the muzzle, in a bag with a court in. Can however be viewed on the Cavan dog Pound Facebook page, which represents council wardens! Shock by animal welfare group Pets lost and found Northern Ireland and dog warden northern ireland, Road. Of topics such as dog licences, stray dogs can be reported to the council,,! The power of seizure of dogs which are dangerously out of their duties and powers you your... Bus lane PCNs, email dcu @ or you can find your closest one @ or you use! Cdata [ // >

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