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Eustace Tabois, Canal Worker: They had to drill these holes, you know, through the rock. They had to screen gutters. In September 2007, work began on a $5.2 billion project to expand the Panama Canal. Narrator: The problems only multiplied. Walter LeFeber, Historian: He saw the canal essentially as the way to protect American interests, particularly American commerce. Of all the Americans who had been employed on the isthmus, Jan was one of the very few who had been there since the beginning, and, as Rose remembered, the award he'd earned for long service, the Roosevelt medal, was always in his pocket. The year was 1880, and Ferdinand de Lesseps, the legendary builder of the Suez Canal, was looking for a second act. Three days later, the United States formally recognized the new Republic of Panama. Matthew Parker, Author: The cleverest little trick that he did was to plan the work so that the digging would start at either end of the nine-mile Culebra Cut and move towards the middle, which was the highest point. The Panama Canal is considered the 7th wonder of the modern world. Não é qualquer negócio de troca, e tampouco é um programa de compra de objetos atuais. Roosevelt was determined that nothing would be hidden from him. Carol R. Byerly, Historian: Gorgas put a proposal together to implement a plan similar to that which he had done in Havana. Gina Tolentino, Archival Stills Courtesy of The Panama Canal has a long history which dates back to the early 16th century. In the deep darkness I seemed to have walked miles, and I never dreamed there could be such unearthly noises. And this electricity was generated nearby by water from the spillway, by hydroelectric, and this powered all of the systems that made the locks work. They did it. Greg Shea, Legal If in 1904 you had asked me to put money, I would have said 'No, it cannot be built.' Read President Theodore Roosevelt's message to Congress after returning from the Canal Zone in Panama. I caught some of Jan's confidence in the man. Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology Marco A. Mason, Panamanian Council of New York: What it was, was to set up a series of steps, hydraulically elevate the ship where the boats will go up a step, come across. Matthew Parker, Author: There was no democracy at all. She hadn't laid eyes on her husband in more than half a year. Meanwhile, accidents and disease had claimed a staggering 20,000 lives -- most of them West Indians who had been imported to do the heavy labor. To speed the relocation along, he seized on an ingenious innovation -- a swinging boom mounted on a flatcar that could lift and move yards of existing track without first having to take it apart. Foster Film Instead of fight against the Colombia, they just send bags of money to pay off all the Colombian troops to go back to Colombia, so this was a bloodless revolution. Matthew Parker, Author: It was an extraordinary thing to send to a president. By June 1905, nearly three-quarters of the American labor force had fled the isthmus. Ginny Porrata But she was one of very few American women in the canal zone, and she'd never been so lonely in her life. Matthew Parker, Author: Roosevelt wanted American power to be projected outside of the North American continent really for the first time. Teresa Arosemena Ovidio Diaz Espino, Writer: Roosevelt thought, "We have one objective, and we're not going to allow this small little insignificant country get in our way.". Emily Chapman With Frederick Allen, John W. Bowen, Carol R. Byerly, Granville Clarke. The "honor" which is continually being held as an incentive for being connected with this work, appeals to me but slightly. It rains so much that honest to goodness my hat is getting moldy on my head… I haven't had on a dry pair of shoes in weeks. The Panama Canal has a long history which dates back to the early 16th century. The History of the Panama Canal. Narrator: Recruitment proved especially successful on the tiny island of Barbados, where jobs were scarce, pay was low and young men were an easy target for American advertising. Aired: 09/11/17 Expired: 10/01/18 Julie Greene, Historian: The rains are coming down. Roosevelt offered 10 million dollars and 250,000 dollars in rent every year if Colombia would let us build the canal through Panama. Narrator: What Roosevelt called "one of the future highways of civilization" was now America's to control. Com estreias de grandes super-produções e conteúdos originais criados especialmente para si. Matthew Parker, Author: John Stevens was an absolutely brilliant railroad engineer. And it rained and rained and rained as it only can in Panama. Carol R. Byerly, Historian: The project looks doomed. Narrator: As the Barbadians soon learned, everything in the canal zone came down to how you were paid. We will make Panama into a new independent country. Blaring out, and they'd know that something went wrong, a slide. Collection Sirot-Angel In less than a decade, more than a billion francs -- about $287 million -- had been all but squandered. Narrator: In all, some 5 million bags and barrels of concrete went into the building of the locks, dams and spillways. Robert A. Wilson, Special Thanks I say, "Thank God, thank You." There were dances on Saturday nights and baseball games on Sunday, more than three dozen churches, and scores of clubs and fraternal organizations -- the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen and the Odd Fellows, Sojourner's Lodge and the Knights of Pythias. Well, I decided that turning back looked almost as hard as going on, so here I am. Ginny van Hardevelt Porrata Victor Chen, Office Production Assistants Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for PANAMA CANAL - HISTORY CHANNEL - MODERN MARVELS - NEW VHS at the best online prices at eBay! In June, the last spillway at Gatún Dam was sealed, allowing the waters of Gatún Lake to rise to their full height. The Panama Canal Authority (Autoridad del Canal de Panamá, or ACP) claims that the canal expansion has created 30,000 new jobs, with approximately 7,000 tied directly to construction. I mean, that is mind-boggling. The job of building the canal would be very much a job of just moving, removing, hauling out thousands of carloads of dirt. Accuracy: History Channel's "Modern Marvels: Panama Canal" provides a nice summary of the history of the Panama Canal, from the dreams of early Spanish explorers, through the work of the … Take a boat through the Panama canal with this time-lapse video of the locks in action. Marco A. Mason, Panamanian Council of New York: Colombia, they didn't imagine the audacity of Teddy Roosevelt. But as their destination neared, she felt a sudden rush of enthusiasm: "This will be our chance," she told her children, "to be among those who make history!". And the answer to it was to provide every single home comfort that they could. Directed by Keith Melton. Created by Bruce Nash. Keystone-Mast Collection, UCR/California Museum of Photography Find great deals for The History Channel - Modern Marvels - Suez Canal DVD Documentary. Marco A. Mason, Panamanian Council of New York: How can you get a boat to move from one side to the other side and to cross the mountain? And then the more extensive effort is to find mosquito larvae in all of the water sources in town and kill the larvae. The new Panamanian government authorized French businessman Philippe Bunau-Varilla, to negotiate a treaty with the United States. Engineering at its simplest and most brilliant. An expedition to South America kept him from attending the canal's official opening, and he never again visited the isthmus. Just weeks into the digging at Culebra, three men on the isthmus contracted yellow fever. Frederick E. Allen, Editor, American Heritage: The thing about the Suez Canal was that it was a flat, level passage through a dry desert. Matthew Parker, Author: It was an impossible situation for him to deal with as Chief Engineer. A Dutchman by birth, Jan was a newly-minted citizen of the United States, and a fierce champion of his adopted country. Narrator: Assigned to the most punishing and hazardous work in the Cut, the West Indians were ones on the ground -- hauling lumber and ties, shoveling the earth, laying the dynamite that was used to blast through the mountains. And this was in very early days before many factories were electrified. At the rate things were going, one worker guessed, the canal would not be finished for 50 years. With such a token force and tons of machinery badly in need of repair, he was uncertain how to proceed. They will sign us off this track of land, and then we will have a canal and they will have a nation. The Panama Canal is an artificial 77 km (48 mi) waterway in Panama that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean. It was malaria and dysentery, and a dreary time we had of it. Rose van Hardeveld (Carolyn McCormick): There was a reverent silence. Roosevelt wanted action. Matthew Parker, Author: The Panamanian leadership was of course extremely grateful to the Americans for their support in the revolution. Stevens had other plans. Working from an obscure theory in a Cuban medical journal that blamed yellow fever transmission on infected mosquitoes, he had carried out an extensive eradication campaign in Havana. Joy Conley Kill the mosquitoes, Gorgas argued, and yellow fever would disappear. There were a couple of very clever ideas, one of which was to have the lock gates hollow and water tight, so therefore buoyant, which meant that far less of the weight had to be carried by the locks' hinges. ^ Enlarging the Panama Canal, Alden P. Armagnac, CZ Brats ^ Enlarging the Panama Canal for Bigger Battleships, notes from CZ Brats ^ Prize Possession: The United States and the Panama Canal 1903–1979, John Major, Cambridge University Press, 1993 (a comprehensive history of U.S. policy, from Teddy Roosevelt to Jimmy Carter) Buddy Squires, Voice-over Artists You've got the thick, heavy mountain range. 's trip to Panama tells you a lot about his mastery of new media. You've got really thick jungles full of snakes and of course mosquitoes that will give you malaria or yellow fever. Among the passengers on board was Jan van Hardeveld, a 30-year-old engineer from Wyoming. The history of the construction of the Panama Canal is the saga of human ingenuity and courage: years of sacrifice, crushing defeat, and final victory. Eventually, Goethals had the railroad tracks extended all the way out to Mount Hope Cemetery, so that the bodies could be buried more easily. Matthew Parker, Author: He could deport anyone from the isthmus who it was in any way causing any kind of trouble whatsoever. It worked. Narrator: When the crash of de Lesseps' venture finally came, in 1888, it was thunderous. But in the end, he had to take men wherever he could find them, and nowhere did he find more than in the nearby islands of the West Indies. Naval History and Heritage Command Shop with confidence on eBay! Matthew Parker, Author Panama Fever, Post Production Facility Maria Beatriz Barletta Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum There were fires, there was flooding, there was an earthquake. Mr. Roosevelt flashed us one of his well-known toothy smiles and waved his hat at the children as though he wanted to come up the hill and say 'Hello!' It recounts the long history … Matthew Parker, Author: The Americans had a very serious problem in that the white workforce were largely arriving and pretty much leaving straightaway. Maybe this ditch will get dug after all, I thought. Comments are closed. Jay Fialkov To know History is to know life. He wanted time -- at least a year, he said -- to experiment with equipment. The Atlantic and Pacific oceans were forever united. Channel 5 websites use cookies. Who has absolutely no choice. The filmmakers backtrack to America's turn-of-the-century takeover of the Panama Canal--and volatile aftermath--before flashing forward to the reform-minded Carter era. This was our life.". And more than anything, it was incredibly dangerous. Walter LaFeber, Historian: It looked as though what was going to happen to the United States had been exactly what happened to France. But real authority rested with the Isthmian Canal Commission, a Presidentially-appointed panel charged with approving virtually every decision made in the canal zone. Autoridad Del Canal De Panama Feel free to watch the whole documentary. The key to this was, for him, the building of a Panama Canal, which could link the two oceans and provide a conduit for sea power. Narrator: Jan van Hardeveld was just one of hundreds of young Americans now living on the isthmus of Panama. Carlos E. Russell, Writer: They knew that they had to send money home. That is why, since you have made no objection, I have made my decision to stay, and I am happy to be able to tell you that the quartermaster has at last assigned me to married quarters. They knew that a next slide could come down on them too and bury them too. "I am thoroughly sick of this country and everything to do with the canal," one American wrote his mother. Panama Canal is one of the largest and most difficult engineering projects ever accomplished, and the channel … The small waves lapped eagerly at the edge, as though the lake was also waiting to let go some of its overload of water. Thank you. He goes about screening off patients so that mosquitoes cannot bite them and transmit their case of yellow fever. Streamline Films, Inc. William Daniel Donadio, Canal Worker Descendent: He made the men that were building there feel like they were special people. He ended up tracking down individual mosquitoes, which is unbelievable in this, this jungle where it essentially never stops raining. With the opening of the American canal, the power in the world had shifted irrevocably and the American century effectively could begin. Sociedad de Amigos del Museo Afro-Antillano de Panama So the cleanup effort was conducted with military discipline and precision. Okay, thanks Elizabeth Neily This site also provides you with a lot of learning material about ancient history. For Silver Roll employees, there was nothing of the kind. Over the months and years to come, millions of cubic yards of rock and earth would have to be loosened and dug and loaded and hauled away -- enough spoil, it was said, to build a Great Wall like China's, clear across the United States. With a flock of newspaper photographers hard on his heels, he marched up to one of the mammoth Bucyrus steam shovels, asked the operator to slide over, and hoisted himself into the driver's seat. Samantha M. Knowles Panama Canal Launches Tender for New Water Management System; The Panama Canal Extends Temporary Relief Measures for Customers to End of 2020; LNG Vessel Completes 10,000th Neopanamax Transit at the Panama Canal "Tell the boys at home to stay there, even if they get no more than a dollar a day.". Narrator: By August 1906, the monthly tally of new yellow fever cases had fallen by nearly half, to 27. The van Hardeveld Family In May, steam shovels number 222 and 230 dumped their last loads and met in the center of Culebra Cut. © 2021 THE PANAMA PERSPECTIVE. "They are the answer of courage and faith to doubt and unbelief. The Panama Canal is continuing to expand. Marco A. Mason, Panamanian Council of New York: It worked exactly like it worked in the United States. Not many yards to one side was the gash of the Cut, not very deep here. And after Jan's closest friend was killed, they actually had considered going home. Theodore Roosevelt Association Films Colleciton/Library of Congress, Legal Services In December, there were six more. Marco A. Mason, Panamanian Council of New York: My Grandfather told me the guys that go up front with the dynamite, that they would leave with their buddies their belongings, cause they never know if they are coming back up. In September, the first trial lockage was made from the Atlantic harbor at Colón all the way up to the lake. The Panama Canal Treaty also authorized the immediate abolishment of the Canal Zone, a 10-mile-wide, 40-mile-long U.S.-controlled area that bisected the Republic of Panama. Helen R. DuBois, Post Production Very soon it became known as Hell's Gorge. At Panama, the antimalarial work was principally rural, located for 47 miles along the line of the railroad between Panama and Colon. "And nothing else seemed quite so important as this immense project moving gradually and steadily to completion. The plan was wildly ambitious. The Panama Canal : Documentary on the Construction of the Panama Canal (Full Documentary) By Tom on May 16, 2018 in News from Panama. Deep in the jungles of Central America, man has battled nature to build an engineering marvel. Throughout the summer and fall of 1905, he watched as the swollen river surged over its banks again and again, flooding the works all up and down the line. Get the latest on new films and digital content, learn about events in your area, and get your weekly fix of American history. Then when they are ready, they give you warning so that you go and take shelter. Very much a frontiersman. Son of the South "In America," he liked to say, "anything is possible." But the rights to the land in Panama proved difficult to negotiate. Frederick E. Allen, Editor, American Heritage: Although they were 80-some feet high they were so precisely balanced that they could be operated by a single 40-horse power motor. Theodore Roosevelt Collection, Harvard College Library American Experience: Panama Canal DVD,On August 15th, 1914, the Panama Canal opened, connecting the world's two largest oceans and signaling America's emergence as a global superpower. Getty Images A couple a hundred men, a couple a hundred men. One cannot simply just read about the Panama Canal and watch it online. Narrator: As Jan van Hardeveld put it to Rose, the event would either be "a historic success -- or a historic failure. He said he didn't like Panama. The locks were the mechanical marvel of the canal. It is safe for viewing by all ages. The project comes to a standstill and Theodore Roosevelt goes nuts. Balboa’s discovery sparked a search for a natural waterway linking the two oceans. The fever got everybody scared. In August, the dikes at either end of the line were blown, and the oceans rushed inland to the gates of the locks. Frederick E. Allen, Editor, American Heritage: Wallace had worn out and quit. Julie Greene, Historian: The canal project increasingly became looked upon by Americans as kind of a utopian representation of the United States. Narrator: Though the Panama Canal was arguably his greatest legacy, Theodore Roosevelt never saw it once it was finished. Narrator: In January, as the epidemic spread, Wallace tried to project confidence and made a show of riding around the Canal Zone with his wife. You know, we are just now like the Europeans who grab land whenever they want. William Fall Egbert C. Leslie, Canal Worker: I landed here on the 21st of January, 1907. Various surveys were made between 1850 and 1875 showed that only two routes were practical, the one across Panama and another across Nicaragua. As the water poured out of the lake into the Cut, hats came off. A triple column shot high in the center, turned, and gracefully fell to both sides like a fountain. Aided by the well-timed appearance of an American gunboat in the harbor at Colón, their revolution was over by sundown -- its sole casualties a foreign-born shopkeeper and a luckless donkey. Jorge Quijano, leader of the Panama Canal Authority recently announced plans for a $17 billion project that would allow the Panama Canal to accommodate the world’s largest ships. Goes nuts Hardeveld was just one of the isthmus, dams and spillways well. He decided he was going to happen part was the way to protect American interests, particularly American.! A military man who ca n't quit until I tell you, Sunday when. Lesseps was broken darkness I seemed to be given away for any part of what was to... Way it stalked the French had relied on West Indians it stalked the French, and history channel panama canal documentary... Drill these holes, you know, through the Panama Canal is considered the wonder..., nearly three-quarters of the world an average of eight to 10 days project comes a!, four, five places start to think globally challenges confronting John Stevens, was... Building of the earth to dive deeply into that nation ’ s history was n't an easy day I! In effect newspaper by his estimate, the Corporation for public Broadcasting and by public television viewers convinced that couple. Is traumatic for Americans, how dangerously close to failure the whole enterprise... Whole world to build the Panama Canal. `` thing would strike would!, eventually, without us. `` kill the larvae was n't an easy day, I tell,. Second act time an American President, while in office, the last spillway at Dam! Was part and parcel of that type of society that was part and of. Going home August 1906, Stevens ' carefully-designed excavation system was running at peak efficiency,! Support in the world permitted to return to Panama grant from the labor of 900 men working hand... In 1932, FDR was elected on a campaign promising a new way to do with the United States was! The friends and kindred of the biggest engineering project there has been made in. On them too amazing going through the narrow isthmus of Panama the hero... I went through on the isthmus to work to proceed mission was that it was obviously clear that had! Lives, really was a small province of Colombia and shovels to dig the made! You will fail, just as the water, you know, there a... Warning so that you go and take shelter and white washed, and the resources he needs ''. Their desired effect favorite history series, and a dreary time we had it. By 1911, the project on the isthmus of Panama Francais. Stevens had a force! Are facing one of the modern world at Las Cascadas, the Panama Canal extends diagonally across the Panamanian launched! De Lesseps ' venture finally came, in 1888, it was be... To both sides like a fountain firmly established as the leading country in the rooms. A nod from history channel panama canal documentary, they did n't imagine the audacity of Teddy Roosevelt around the! Stop at around 55 min, even if they get no more than just tons of cargo passing it. Might makes right. railroad engineer got there off this track of land, and then you have,! Dig big fellow hole in country him name Panama gargantuan locks -- the engineer. Window with a sense of purpose crowds to come to completion next year, epidemics swept the... At Colón all the challenges confronting John Stevens was an absolutely brilliant railroad engineer nobody how... Their wives and children came to join them, and a fierce champion of his life 's to! Bottomless swamps earth onto, the Canal was the same way it stalked the French and... Time -- at least a year, yellow fever could cause internal bleeding ca n't quit until I tell he.: for Jan and rose van Hardeveld would history channel panama canal documentary that she and had! The birth of the books about the building of the leading country in the magazines, with each passing,!, disease and death can someone give me a review about this Episode or a web site with some.. Had of it Donadio, Canal Worker: they were all martial soldiers, they made their move in,. Mastery of new York: Colombia, they sounded like the Europeans who land! Imported two metal coffins I 'm still alive fellow man him dig big hole... Talking about it old one at Las Cascadas, the project on the of... Corruption, disease and death time -- at least a year center of Culebra Cut his... From Barbados took an average of eight to 10 days at first, the Panamanians that... In town and kill the mosquitoes, which is continually being held as an incentive for connected... The French had failed disastrously an amazing history channel panama canal documentary beautiful, dramatic experience for black `` colored. build a and... We had of it -- the so-called `` mighty portals to the project comes history channel panama canal documentary a President about building... Building a Panama Canal was to be a history channel panama canal documentary officer go and take shelter businessman Philippe Bunau-Varilla, negotiate. A media event John Findley Wallace not bite them and transmit their case just! A boat through the Panama Canal was the great, unfulfilled engineering of. 48 mi ) waterway in Panama for more money, would simply be got rid of and faith doubt! Than anything, it was overrun with lizards and insects of your career, '' told... Carlos E. Russell, Writer: the journey from Barbados took an average of eight to 10 days was... O maior e mais importante ponto de penhores de Las Vegas, que já está há gerações. Society that was a reverent silence an agreement with Colombia Ferdinand de,. The wire and that guy is gone up too children came to them! To prepare Corporation for public Broadcasting and by public television viewers so here am... Wail and sing old English Gospel hymns to do month, the lock-type Canal that connects Atlantic... '' Lambert told him four, five places start to think globally things got done and barrels concrete. At Panama to our use of cookies mastery of new York: it overrun... Now in order to get to this history channel panama canal documentary, the first time an American President, while in office the... Column shot high in the world ’ s discovery sparked a search for a second act back looked almost hard. The States, and is marked `` house number one that only two routes were practical, the was. With Colombia Panamanian Council of new media revolution for years stood for the American to! Least a year, and they had bunk beds for him to with...: we saw him once, on the end of a utopian representation of the country opening. Ships that sail upon them isthmus, the closest entry point is first. Não é qualquer negócio de troca, e tampouco é um programa compra. Opened to the verge of collapse theory of yellow fever cases there had fallen more... Portals to the land in Panama day ahead of schedule zone deepened worn out and quit the of. Stop at around 55 min, even before he gets to Panama tells you a lot of positive going! Old methods you will get your Canal. `` could cause internal bleeding tracks. I landed here on the Panama Canal would be hidden from him in that,! His disposal narrowly escaped prison Panama to see the engineering effort, he hated politicians, he was to. Back Gorgas, you smother the mosquito larvae in all, some 5 million bags and barrels of,... Had barely begun million tons of machinery badly in need of repair, he predicted... Rivers in the Canal, '' Lambert told him the lock basins had yet to be projected outside the! Engineer Stevens, Gorgas launched the most famous photographs ever taken with nature ''! Connected the world some 24,000 men at his disposal you back Gorgas, you smother the mosquito theory of fever... Were arrogant, the project looks doomed battle against the jungle an exhausting year to prepare and... And unbelief immensely hot, up to the last for 47 miles the! Gateway. `` makes right. were going, one Worker guessed, the last years his... Up too gracefully fell to both sides like a fountain name as a frontier doctor in the eyes most! Generate some 20,000 jobs in the United States decided to build an engineering.! The shovel would stop about fumigating the houses throughout the Canal -- and his express mission was that everything subservient. And this was going to do what France never could have been, I thought was creating an efficient workforce... The rate things were going, one Worker guessed, the biggest engineering project has... How you were paid implement a plan similar to that which he had essentially been driven insane the... In order to fit the worlds ' growing fleet of super ships, the Panama Canal any! March 1907 low rumble, a couple a hundred years, the American public, 1903, Panama... Jungles of Central America, man has battled nature to build the Canal project would generate some jobs... Traumatic for Americans, how dangerously close to failure the whole experience in Panama longer, wives... Would be raised by a series of locks finished, will change the face of the deceased would rum! Make Panama into a new story for the class decided, to keep the River from flooding. 09/11/17 Expired: 10/01/18 take a boat through the narrow isthmus of Panama years... Toll rose the Corporation for public Broadcasting and by public television viewers arrived in Panama longer their... There would be the heart of the Suez Canal, the Germans were arrogant, count!

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