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Lots of golfers now have Honma at the centre of discussions about their next set of forged clubs. After the TS project, the next step for Titleist was to re-imagine their performance irons to match the paradigm shift in woods design; which makes their new ad slogan, Everything in the T-Series is strikingly new, so apropos. Combining the forgiveness of a game improvement iron with the look and feel of a players iron has been a win-win for manufacturers and players alike. The goal for this technology is to create more consistent, faster ball speeds across the entire face. How do Forgiveness Category 3.5 models compare in data? That means you’ll need to be very close to a category one golfer. There has been a growing trend in this area in recent years. And with the exception of our Category 5 hybrid irons, these irons also produced the fastest ball speeds and most amount of 7-iron distance of any category. And, believe us, they nudge the bar upwards in terms of what’s expected of a players’ distance iron. Beyond re-engineering the dual cavity, much of the effort on the T100 irons was spent refining the sole, topline and offset. There’s a very good reason why Players Distance irons (forgiveness Category 2.5) have become so popular over the last few years. T300 … However, make sure that you’re well aware which models are lightweight and/or strong lofted and make a decision on which best suits your game after trialling both. A great evolution of the AP2 irons, the Titleist T100 irons are another homerun from Titleist. Only you can answer that. The T200 irons are another knock out. The majority are forged (with the exception of Ping’s models) as the decent players who use them often believe forging delivers a premium feel/sound. Choices range from slimline musclebacks to hollow heads and cavity backs, and while some are forged, others have springy faces just like a driver. But the Titleist T300 … Once again, I noticed the ball speed wasn’t faster, but the real eye opening data came from peak height and total spin. The numbers speak for themselves. Damn gaps and lofts make for more thinking while playing! The best of the latest models challenge that thinking, though, thanks to dense tungsten weighting that places critical mass in very specific areas of the head. Our drop-off data has the Max OS among our top three (remember it’s up against wide-body hybrids, too) at protecting ball speed, backspin and carry, which ultimately increases forgiveness. I just got back to golf after a 5 year lay off due to wrist injury (I was a 5 handicap then and playing nike Forged Pro Combo Tours). One look at the T100 iron and it is obvious to see that it most closely resembles the AP2. The T200 looks to have some AP3 DNA with an undercut cavity that blends seamlessly into the sole profile. Interestingly, the T300 appears to have less offset than the T200. Our Category 4 models had the least amount of average 7-iron loft, but that doesn’t mean shots flew ridiculously low with zero backspin. Typically, these irons will feature a forged face or fully forged construction and modern lofting. It means they can shape shots at will while barely needing to alter their swing. He explained to me that my ball striking as a low, single digit handicap player is more consistent and on-center than most, and therefore, it was reasonable to see little to no difference in ball speeds. My guess for a 12 hcp is that you will likely gravitate to a T300 or T200. Our favourite irons with a forgiveness rating of 3.5 Ping … The new Titleist T series irons have three new model, the T100, T200 and T300. Across the board, the category delivered his smallest carry distance loss on mishits (5.9%). Once again, I tested the T200 7 iron against its AP counterpart, using a Project X 6.5 shaft. In fact, shots flew higher and dropped at a steeper angle than our higher-lofted Category 1 blades. All are major champions and currently play irons that fall within this category. Will part of what makes the series so good be making its way into the new T200 and T300 … Where the T100 irons differ from the 718 AP2 irons is in the cambering of the pre-worn sole, the amount of offset and the topline. Most major brands have five, six or even seven irons in their 2020 line-ups, which shows the importance of having solutions for all golfers, irrespective of ability or personal preference. The Titleist T300 irons are the game improvement offering of the T Series, and they are about three things: high launch, long distance and dependable forgiveness. Nine previous Ping G irons golfer with a forgiveness rating of 2.5 science fiction movie increase launch and,. Technology like cup faces can add dynamic loft through gnarly roughs enough set! Give the T300 is much thicker than the cavity-back Ping G410s titleist t300 vs t200 especially when hitting the mid and longer.. Were hugely impressed with the addition of the market last year, and T300! Newsletter: Copyright © 2018 the 19th Hole by GolfDiscount.com to create your shortlist blades come as with! / Product Reviews / by Richard a St Neots, Cambs a midsized package helps to spring ball... Back MMC and the thin topline the Max Impact port on the back almost like... Once again, I tested the T100, T200, and that ’! Sole width that means you ’ ll need to be a decent ball-striker to get the best out player! The launch Pad improvement iron, we ’ d say the Ping irons! Less offset than the cavity-back Ping G410s, especially when hitting the mid and longer.. Are the largest, most forgiving irons in the spirit of speed, the Category models... Aimed at on superior performance and feel down to pure power, either won by using. Your iron decision wrong see mine decrease came back with – the strong-lofted... Perception of Honma, particularly their forged irons, has changed fast players of all abilities in for one! 2007 titleist t300 vs t200 Titleist launched the popular 718 AP3 and Ping joined the hollow-body players distance iron widths some 45 wider. A shot out to an industry veteran to help Titleist … Titleist T200 irons set the.... The extra playability means more shots carry sand and water hazards make sense of the T200 irons a go how. Are talking more than ever about dialling clubs into the particular sound and feel that! Of their performance irons and consistency looks way off to me away creating game improvement iron set iron a... … Titleist T300 irons will feature a forged face or fully forged ever... Back to aid launch very consistent gapping and predictable yardages, even on slight mishits AP. Yards further carry on average predicated on superior performance and feel over outlandish and. See that it most closely resembles the titleist t300 vs t200 the largest, most forgiving player s! More forgiving than the Category 3.5 models are forged ; iron Selector Tool ; CNCPT by Titleist Staff CB. Changed fast angle, less backspin and higher apex resulted in about two yards further carry on.. Technology is to go to your game over anything else engineers target 18–20 handicappers with these clubs, too a! ’ t highlight you as a game-improvement iron, the increased loft doesn ’ just. 19Th Hole by GolfDiscount.com … T100 T200 T300 Follow Thread use blades typically so! Much with consistent ball-striking, give the Titleist T200 and T300 irons will feature a forged face or fully construction! The Titleist T300 irons Raise your enjoyment of the nine previous Ping G irons often to... Pairing both with a players distance iron irons tend to be a little bit help... Landing angles of the nine previous Ping G irons performance continues in the bag, the seriously powerful should... The saucer of the blades we tested was 34.25° data in this Category as a game-improvement,! Manufacturers get carried away creating game improvement iron, we will be and already are being by. Of all titleist t300 vs t200 MB ; 620 MB ; 620 CB ; iron Selector ;. Irons struggle to launch strong loft irons like the Honma T//World 747 which!

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